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Scottish Claymore Sword

What is a Scottish Claymore Sword


It is quite possible that you have never heard of a Scottish claymore sword.  I am willing to

scottish claymore swords

scottish claymore swords

bet you have seen one of these swords.  The Scottish claymore sword name a side this weapon is one of the most recognizable weapons in human history.  These types of swords have been a immortalized by story, legend and by the movies.  The claymore sword is actually called  ”Claidheamh-mor” in Gaelic which translates to “greatsword”.  This weapon for its time was an awesome weapon of power and destruction.  With an incredible reach this two-handed sword could be as long as 60 inches.


Who and When was the Scottish Claymore Sword Used


This particular sword was most commonly used by the Scottish highlanders and the Celts.  The claymore was regularly used in inter Clan wars throughout the region.  However the during many of the Scottish campaigns for independence from England the scottish claymore swordwas a staple weapon four the soldiers.  Also used to guard borders it’s extremely long reach was also used as a shock and awe weapon.  The most common time period in which you will find this

braveheart scottish claymore sword

braveheart scottish claymore sword

type of sword would be between the 15th and the 18th centuries.


Famous Scottish Claymore Sword


This ancient sword has a long and extremely colorful historical past.  One of the most polarizing and famous store called figure’s known to have used this type of weapon was William Wallace.  Wallace was a famous Scottish freedom fighter cool rallied Scotland and almost completely removed all English forces from the land.  Wallace is exploits aside the claymore sword has a long and rich mythical base as well.  You have no doubt seen countless pictures and movies on this one particular sword, and that sword is Excalibur.  It is a common belief that if there is any truth to the Arthur legend Excalibur who would have been a claymore sword.  One misconception of this time period is that everyone carried a sword.  This is not true mostly because of the exorbitant cost for these types of weapons.  These swords were most commonly found with knobbles and royalty.



Scottish Claymore Sword Dimensions


The average size of this type of sword was believed to be around 55 to 60 inches in length.  The blade of this weapon was most commonly measured at 42 inches.  The grips on this sword would be roughly 12 to 14 inches.  The most common weight range was from 5 to 6 pounds.  The claymore had what was known as A clam shell hilt.  The reason for this name was because of the resemblance to an open clam.


Legend of the Scottish Claymore Sword


There are many myths and legends that swirl around the Scottish swords.  One of the most

Royal Claymore Sword

Royal Claymore Sword

commonly spoken myths regarding this sword is the Scottish claymore sword throwing.  This myth has not been proven but it is said that before a battle would start a claymore sword would be thrown towards the opposing forces as a symbol that the Scottish army’s were ready for battle.

These swords are a wonder you to fall to look at learn the rich history of and collect.  The Scottish claymore sword is a perfect medieval collector’s item.


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