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rapier sword


Rapier Sword the Civilians Weapon


Rapier Sword

Rapier Sword

The rapier sword is probably one of the most recognizable swords in history in fact it is right up there on a level with the infamous claymore sword of Scotland. This rather long and very thin sword as compared with most other swords had a specific design when first devolved. This distinctive purpose was more of a thrusting. While more traditional sword were boarder and heavier most were designed for slashing. The rapier sword was created in Spain in and around the 1500s as a more decretive ornamental sword rather than a fighting sword. However as this blades popularity swelled it began a morph into a bit more. This weapon became a staple with the civilian population and used as self defense and dueling this was a much more manageable blade that others of its time.


The rapier sword and its Hilts Characteristics


Rapier swords did and still do have some very distinctive and recognizable characteristics. One of the first distinctions of a rapier swordis the

Rapier Sword

Rapier Sword

wildly ornate hilt. When these renaissance swords were first build the characteristic hilts had a function and that was to protect the wielder’s

hand. These hilts at first were build with much longer cross guards and a number of rings linked together in affect covering the users hand and fingers for m injury. The pommel like most swords was very elaborately decorated.  As time when on and the swords use grew the rapier sword had a bit of an overhaul on its hilt. The Spanish cup hilt became very popular for even more protection of the hand. This hilt was not as flash as the interlinking rings but for hand protection could not be beat.






Rapier Sword and its Unique Blade


The blade on a rapier sword was vastly different from that of a sword blade on a medieval sword such as a claymore sword. Rapier swords blades are very thin not much more that than an inch. These blades were also very straight with a very sharp point at the end. There can be no doubt that this was initial designed as a stabbing or thrusting weapon. The blade of the rapier also went through a makeover much like the hilt did. As time when on the blade was soon sharpened to have a cutting edge as well as the sharp point but the primary stopping power was still in the point.


Versatility of the Rapier Sword


Rapier Sword

Rapier Sword

Often accompanied by short swords the rapier swords were unbelievably fast and deadly weapons. Don’t let the size fool you they may not look as powerful as an ancient claymore sword but the rapier sword was just as deadly.

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